Dream has a cost

If my dreams was resumed in the series of thoughts, images, and sensations that cross my mind while I'm asleep and faded away. I wouldn't write this post.

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When I was young, I've been thought to dream big, I listened to other peoples dreams, I shared the hysterical feel that it could be possible. I wanted it all and the dream always been the main goal to achieve.

While watching professional athletes stepping on the podium, or an artist performing in front of a huge crowd, it is easy to think that he succeeds, fulfill his dream and he is happy as a donkey. Well, it is rarely the case, since the sacrifice pile up along the way. The dilemma between either push it further and work harder or slowing down and find happiness into small things, is an everyday reconsideration.

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The dream is a funny thing, has you can feel an excitement that's is sometimes beyond the one you'll get when you reach it

I have been working with artists for several years, even if they look the happiest giving an amazing show, having an amazing time. Yes at the end of the night they share a feeling with the crowd, with the crew that is like no other. There is their fuel, but in between is the lifestyle that they get tired of, and if they knew they probably wouldn't take that path. Perhaps fuel is not a renewable energy, at some point they run out of it too. We all know where a lot of them end-up; drug, self-destruction; crazy, not so many retired happy, healthy and wealthy. The balance is the hardest think too

Picture from my first flight

9 years ago, I was dreaming

At this exact time of the years, 9 years ago I was doing the math, how much my dream would cost. I remembered so clearly my girlfriend at the time saying to me '' C'mon Nick, every little boys dream to be a pilot '' Those exact words that gave me a part of the strength I needed to never give up on my dream. But without knowing it I would have to give up on people and material.

So I never ever gave up, at all cost

I made friends training as a pilot, the ones that pursues their dream are all working for the airlines, the ones who don't, made some different math. The math that is not about money, where they looked at the lifestyle, the sacrifice they would need to do for a few years, the number of time they would need to be away from their home, friends, family. Those math that I've never made, and at the end, sometime they envy me and so do I.

There is a cost to reach your dream. But if you stick to it, enjoy the journey.


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